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Profile. - In the Shadow, In the Light
I'll follow you, wherever life goes
Character Name: Sora
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Age: 17
Birthdate: July 1st
Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual. Though for Sora, its not a matter of putting an exact label on who he likes. Its more like, 'He likes who he likes' - be they male or female. If he loves them, he loves them, and all that matters are the emotions he's feeling. He's also rather oblivious to people who may have crushes on him, though he's had one here or there - Sora's never acted on any for the most part.

Top 5 favorites:  Riku/Sora, Riku/Sora/Kairi, Axel/Sora, Sora/Kairi, and Roxas/Sora 
Top 3 Squicks: Sora/Disney, Sora/Final Fantasy, Sora/Ansem the Wise & Xemnas 

Occupation/Role in the City: Citizen, Sora comes from a well to do family. His Father is a business man, and his Mother is a homemaker. They are average and good people, and Sora for the most part follows in their footsteps. He's not exactly sure what he's doing with his life... but at the moment he's attempting to take things a day at the time. He's fooled around with the thought of going abroad to finish his higher education, but he has chosen for the time being to remain in the city.

Relevancy to the RP: Sora grew up and met Riku at a very young age, the two despite their opposite personalities and upbringings became very good friends. They played and enjoyed each other's company as children would do. What I would personality like to work on is Sora re-establishing a relationship with Riku ... and yes, I can even see him attempting to get a job at the Pavilion even if he has no idea what that world entails just to see his Best Friend again. Then again I personally, as a player love pushing characters to their limits and something about this just screams interesting to me! It would definitely be a very big culture shock for ( naive little ) Sora.

Relationships to Other Characters: As stated previously, Sora grew up in the city where he met and be-befriended Riku at a young age. Over the years, Sora left to attend private schooling, but he always came back eager to see Riku and share his experiences. The two despite their opposing personalities enjoyed each others company and became best friends.

Other/Misc.: Sora has a fondness for Music, he is very skilled at playing the piano and the violin. It was something his Mother wished him to learn when he was growing up. He doesn't play much anymore, but he still enjoys listening to all genres of music ... its probably the only real thing he has an ear for, as his grades in school were never all that great.

Appearance: Sora stands at a full height of 5'6" or maybe 5'7" on a good day. While he isn't extremely short, he is not tall for a boy his age either. It is fairly safe to assume that he won't grow any taller over the next few years either. Perhaps this is why to make up for his lack of height, he lets his brown hair stand out as much as it can in all directions. While his spiky hair does tend to draw attention, Sora's most flattering feature have to be his bright blue eyes. While Sora is the type of person who wears his emotions out on his sleeves, his eyes are truly the windows to his soul. They show more emotion than he his capable of expressing ever. Sora tends to wear whatever clothes make him feel the most comfortable at the time -- he likes loose slacks and slim fitting shirts. He doesn't really enjoy wearing anything too tight and restrictive. His tan skin gives away his love for the outdoors, while he doesn't really excel at any sports he is fond of swimming and most recreational activities.

Personality: Sora is a very compassionate young boy, who most of the time comes across as being very naive if not extremely simple minded. Often times people don't give him a lot of credit and insist he's extremely lazy ( it's not his fault he likes to sneak in mid-afternoon naps ). However, beneath all that Sora very simply is a good person. He has a very large and open heart when it comes to people, there are very few people Sora doesn't get along with or dislikes. If anything can be said about Sora it is that he kind and caring individual who will go out of his way to help those he cares about, or protect them in general. Nothing is more sacred and important to him than his friends. Which is why, he will go to great lengths and do anything for them ( even if that means putting himself into dangerous situations and possibly hurting himself ). Like many cancers Sora is extremely intuitive and imaginative when it comes to every day life, it's not unlike him to day dream about better things or adventures in general. Sora however, doesn't deal very well with criticism and as such can become a little over emotional and moody when it comes to certain subjects ( Riku is especially good at pushing the right buttons on Sora ). For the most part though, Sora is coming to age. He is unsure of where life is leading him, but being the optimist he is he is sure that things will work themselves out.

History: Sora had everything a child could want growing up. A loving family, one that could provide anything and everything Sora could possibly desire out of life. An education, money to travel, a loving atmosphere. Though his Father was often away on business, Sora was raised by his Mother for the most part. He remained a very down to earth and simple person. He never asked for more than what he needed, and when he did want something his Mother usually had him work in some way to get it. Help with a chore, or clean his room. Sora never flaunted or acted like something he wasn't - to Sora - he was just that. Just Sora. You're average kid who liked to go outside, play, get dirty, and have a good time. Every day was another day to get out and enjoy what was there, and he greeted it with a smile. He met Riku at a young age, and despite some glaring personality quirks they soon became best friends. Sora's private education lead him to school during most of the day time hours, but he'd race home everyday to met up and play with Riku. His Mother would often have to come and drag them apart. As the boys grew older, they remained close ... However, for Sora's secondary education he was sent to school abroad. He returned during his holiday and summer breaks. Which of course, he spent slacking off and hanging out with his friends. Now that he's finished with school, Sora has returned home only to learn that Riku is no longer living at home ... but elsewhere ( where he doesn't know yet, as he can't see to find him ). Confused as to where he is friend went off to, he's determined to find Riku and figure out what's going on.

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