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In the Shadow, In the Light
I'll follow you, wherever life goes
Its still hard to believe really... not that it isn't nice! I-- why am I even up this early? I can't even think straight!

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I probably should have posted that my birthday was great, but I got pretty distracted. Riku you need to let know when you have some time off so we can hang out again. Its weird not being able to see you whenever I want like before.

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Well, I've been home almost a month now and I still haven't managed to find Riku anywhere. I was really hoping to see him by now... where could have he gone? My birthday is in a few days and it won't be the same without him.

HEY! ANY OF YOU GUYS THERE KNOW RIKU? HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? I um -- I really don't have any pictures of him, aside from we were kids, so I drew this! PLEASE HELP ME FIND RIKU!

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